Our Fearless Leaders

Patrick Murphy

As the visionary of Murphy Tower Service, Pat leads the pack with a passion to develop a successful group of inter-related businesses that are staffed and run by great people. In his downtime, he hangs out with his family, fishes, and goes bow hunting. An interesting fact about Pat is that he worked in contract pharmaceutical R&D at the University of Iowa for 12 years prior to the telecommunications industry.

Clyde Murphy

Clyde has been with Murphy Tower Service since 2003. He enjoys spending time with family and friends and attending local high school functions. Clyde is a retired airline mechanic of 26 years who hopes to someday retire from Murphy Tower Service leaving a good impression on the business.

Todd Minor
Project Manager
Lin Sheehey

Lin, sister of the Murphy brothers, has been with Murphy Tower Service since 2000. When she’s not crunching numbers, Lin likes to spend time with her kids and shop online. Unlike her brothers, Lin has never climbed a tower and doesn't plan to tackle that side of the business. A fun fact about Lin is that back in the day, her family used to hang out with Evel Knievel.

Paul Gordon
Operations Manager

Paul became a member of the Murphy Tower Service team in February of 2018. His favorite pastimes are spending time with his family, fishing and camping. Most people don’t know that Paul taught high school art classes for 7 years. Although Paul is new to the industry, he has no plans of ever climbing a tower. His goal in life is to help as many people as he can when given the chance.

Jamie Tripp
Office Manager

Jamie has been with Murphy Tower Service since 2013. She is referred to as the “Rockstar” of the company as she is the glue that holds everything together. Jamie enjoys spending time with her family outside of work. Her goal at Murphy Tower Service is to become a strong and successful leader.

Ken Gordon
Network Project Manager

Ken joined Murphy Tower Service in 2015. He always looks forward to learning new technologies within the industry. Ken is better known as “Kenny G” around the workplace. In his free time, Ken likes to fish and camp with his family. A fun fact about Ken is that he has fished in 14/50 states and is trying to fish in all 50 states!

Kenny Benge
Project Manager

Kenny began working with Murphy Tower Service in February of 2018. He has never climbed a tower, but aspires to! In his spare time, Kenny loves spending time with his family, staying active by participating in fitness competitions and playing the guitar and the bass. A fun fact about Kenny is that during his musical career he shared the stage with several national acts. At Murphy Tower, he wants to continue to learn about the industry, build relationships with customers and exceed their expectations every day.

Kayla Prall
AP/AR Administrative Assistant

Kayla has been with Murphy Tower Service since November of 2017. She enjoys spending time with family and friends. Kayla recently moved back to Iowa from Chicago, IL. She is excited to learn more about the industry and continue to grow in her career with Murphy Tower Service.

Todd Cook

Todd or “TC” has been with Murphy Tower Service since 2015. When Todd isn’t in the office, he enjoys riding horses, watching rodeos or going to the Knoxville races. Todd has worked in the field as a tower technician and a civil crew member as well. His goal as Estimator is to continue to improve our bidding process to ensure it is universal and profitable.

Dan Rodriguez
Safety Coordinator

Dan has been with Murphy Tower Service since 2011. His goal for MTS is to maintain a good reputation for our company’s safety record. When D-Rod isn’t working, he loves to hunt, fish, play soccer, and spend time with family. Something fun that most people don’t know about Dan is that he loves to cook for others.

Janelle Reasoner
HR Generalist

Janelle has been with Murphy Tower Service since October 2017. J-Dawg enjoys the nice weather, hanging out with her 6-year-old son, and spending time with her family and boyfriend. Janelle’s goal is to continue to recruit great new employees, and earn her PHR certification. Something interesting about Janelle is that she lived in Las Vegas for a year and half and saw 25 shows.